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DIY Subwoofer Page

This page is dedicated to the development of my DIY subwoofer.

My subwoofer is a 6th order bandpass box for three JL Audio 8W6 dual voice coil subs. I simulated sealed, ported and 4th order bandpass boxes as well, but none of them would have given me the response that this box did. If you've never built a box before I'd suggest something simpler. I've build dozens of boxes before including one other 6th order bandpass for a pair of MTX 12's so it wasn't a big deal. The MTX box however was for a car audio system and was your stereotypical bandpass "one note" box. It was designed to be loud as hell for bass heavy rock and rap, but it rolled off very quickly. I designed my box to have a flatter response. As you can see there is a peak at 70 Hz but I'll deal with that, I was more concerned with getting low extension so movies would sound good.

Equipment List:

Panasonic 27" TV
Sherwood RVD-8090R DD/DTS reciever
Pioneer DV-F727 301 disc DVD changer
Panasonic PV-4663 VCR (I think it plays those tape things)
Eosone RSF1000 Powered Towers
Eosone RSC300 Center Channel
Eosone RSR350 Rears
Custom JL Audio sub box with Adire AVA250 amp (go to photo pages for pics)

WinISD Simulation

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